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2014.04.09: A Game with a Kitty 7 - Sky Crashers: Finished

Okay! Looks like the game is done! Testing hasn't revealed any show-stoppers, so we should be good to go. for now it'll be the Windows version only. Android & HTML5 will follow soon.

This time, we follow the adventures of Darling Kitty, the youngest of the tribe. It's her first adventure! Her journey takes her up into the starry skies where unspeakable things lurk - things that write horrible fiction about robots in the dark. Things that wear glasses. Things that go 'Blarg' a lot. It'll be quite the adventure!

Download (Windows XP & higher)

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2014.04.06: A Game with a Kitty 7 - Sky Crashers: Coming Soon

Pretty soon, too! The game is done, all the content is there. It also features Sean Cameron's soundtrack that we planned to use in Treasure Hunter Man a few years ago. Now this game gets Sean's fantastic music.

Thr game wi'll be available on Windows, HTML5 & Android.

I tried something new here. This game has drawn backgrounds, no actual tiles. It feels more organic that way. Everything's anti-aliased. That took me a bit to get used to.

Gonna release it in the next few days, I still need to do some bug-testing.

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2014.01.23: Just a Kittey comic


Also making a game (probably). See you around, internet people!

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2013.11.13: A Boney Night RC 1

Oh! Whoops. I made a new game by accident. I'm really sorry!! It's like all pixely and retro and stuff. Sorry again! (For the pixels. So big and gross, those things. Uh gawd.)

So. This game. It's a medium length point and click adventure like they did them in the 90s. They call these games 'escape the room' games now for some idiotic reason. Thanks for downgrading one of my favourite genres, browser games!

You play, like, a witch. She wants to prevent a zombie apocalypse from happening. She also befriends some big green dude along the way. Also I hate summarizing plots. Oh well! Just go and play the game already, okay!!

Download (Windows) | Download (Android)

Feedback is appreciated! This is still a release candidate. Coz' for reasons. Thanks for playing!!

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2013.10.24: A Game with a Kitty 6: Moon Minion RC

So I think this game is pretty much done. I'm just gonna release it as a release candidate for now because I usually get a few bug reports after releasing something new.

So what's this game's deal? It's pretty much an oldschool 3d platformer, if there is such a thing. The inspiration comes from earlier 3d games such as Mario 64. It was designed for touch devices, but can be played normally, too.

Also, there's no original soundtrack this time. This game has royalty free music by Kevin MacLeod @

Have fun!

Download (Windows) | Download (Mac) | Download (Android) | Web Player


Bugs? Weird stuff? Feedback? Always Welcome! Thanks for playing!

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