Hello there! I am some guy living in Austria. I spend my tiny amount of free time on sports and (sometimes) developing games and drawing. This makes me a part-time nerd.

Making games is a fun experience. The best part is finishing something, which happens to about 1 out of 10 times in my case.

So far, I can develop pretty much what I want in Unity3d, Flash AS2/AS3 (including mobile games for cell phones), Java ME, Multimedia Fusion and C++/Allegro. It's good fun but horribly time-consuming.

I draw using Adobe Photoshop and a tablet. Sometimes I even touch real pencils and ink pens! Nothing serious, however. I just barely manage to make art for my games.

That's about it! If you want to ask me something or have questions about my games, contact me at email$4$bernie$AT$ (replace the AT with @ and remove the $. Spam protection, etc.)

Thanks for visting my site and playing my games!


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