Gaaaames...! This page is about games. Games I made. In software like Multimedia Fusion 1/2, Game Maker, Unity, Flash and other development software stuff. Fun! Now go and pick something to play!


Drowning Cross

Hey, your boyfriend's gone and he left you a cryptic text message. Typical! Now you gotta find him before the night takes him away forever.

Have fun dealing with this weird and personal point'n click adventure. I spilled my Bernie brain juice all over this.Sounds gross? F**k yeah. Enjoy this gay mess.

Download (Windows) | Download (Mac) | Download (Linux)


Heart Chain Kitty ($9.90 on Steam)

Yeah, I know, wanting money for games is evil and everything should be free but... NO! If you wanna play my weirdest Kitty game yet - in high poly 3d no less - you gotta pay up! Yes, I'm a jerk.

This game's huge, like 20+ hours huge, and you can save Kittey's Momma in it. And there's a buncha weirdos from previous installments in the Kitty franchise (yes, that exists now).

Get it here:


Treasure Hunter Man 2

Teenage sons are already a headache, but if they run away to hunt for treasure, that's where many a mum might be a bit out of her element.
Not Dorothy, however! With a magical tracking compass in hand, Dorothy tracks down her son's whereabouts to a deserted island. There'll be no more missed dinners or cursed treasures in THIS household!

Also there's like treasures and stuff.Yey!

Download (Windows) | Download (Windows Installer)



As your precious base crashes to the ground, you can't help but wonder, 'WHY!', 'What went wrong this time?', and 'Where did all my cool stuff go?!'

Starting from nothing isn't new to you. You're Glasses, just some nerdy bro with noble goals - as noble as an evil genius manages, at least. What else can you do but pick up all the pieces and try again? On your journey, you'll learn how to scientifically approach stuff like magnets, robots, sticks and daddy issues. We'll all learn so much together and have a super good time overall!

Download (Windows)


A Game with a Kitty 7: Sky Crashers

What do you do if your island suddenly gets relocated to the sky? Do you make new safety laws? Do you lock yourself in your room and get horribly depressed? Do you start worshipping some fat, bearded cloud god?

NO! Of course you don't! You go on a journey instead! A journey to get your island to drop down again somehow. There's always a way! And it's worth going even if you're just a little short-tempered kitty-kitten. No weird nerds or ancient kitty civilizations will stand in your way! GO YOU LITTLE FUZZBALL! KICK SOME BUTT!

Download (Windows) | Download (Android)


A Boney Night

There are times when a short, middle-aged lady has to do what she has to do. For example when a zombie apocalypse is happening. Undra the witch and Kijo the orc set out to stop evil and teach a kid a few lessons about stuff along the way - or not. Because kids these days. Really. Those jerks!

A Boney Night is a classic point and click adventure for Windows and Android.


Download (Windows) | Download (Android)


A Game with a Kitty 6: Moon Minion

Once upon a time, there was a village. It was inhabited by cute little kitties! BUT THEN THE MOON CAME. Now Kittey the kittycat (he's a cat, btw) has to free his friends from the moon, who's kind of a big jerk. Who would've thought!

This is a 3d platformer inspired my Mario 64 and the early generation of 3d games. It's available for Macs and Windows and Android. Hooray!

Download (Windows) | Download (Mac) | Download (Android) | Web Player


AGwaK 5: Smash Star!

What oh my! You, a huge, muscular kittycat are about to embark on the adventure of your lifetime! There will be a lot of smashing things into other things! And weird koala guys! Fascinating!


Download (Windows)


Herbert's Island Adventure

Oh Herbert! Your house has been exploded and blob things are nibbling on the flowers in your garden. What are you gonna do?! Give the responsible party a real good scolding and maybe a good walloping if they're not too buff, of course!

And maybe you can help out an old friend, too...

Download (Windows) | Download (Mac)


AGwaK Adventures

What is happening?! A pond hippo fell from the sky and the volcano is going crazy! Kittey joins forces with the huge-nostrilled hippo Herbert and together, they embark on a wonderful little adventure!

They meet Witches, Monsters and Wind Horseys and maybe, if they're lucky, Kitty Island will not explode. Because that's an important plot point, too. Maybe.

But who cares anyway?! Just... go and play!

Download (Windows)

A Game with a Kitty 3

Kittey, a chubby and erratic cat living in some remote own on an isolated island, wants to go treasure hunting! He wanders off but soon finds out that an old acquaintance is back - with a desire for revenge!

Kittey travels to the other end of the island, soars through the skies, raids pyramids and even stumbles into a really silly and dangerous dimension! Good grief! He'd better make sure his sugar level isn't too low.

OH!! This requires Adobe AIR! There is an installer for Windows, but on other platforms you gotta install Adobe AIR first to run the game (which is an .air file by the way).


Download (Windows) | Download (Other, like Macentush) | Download (Windows Standalone)

Treasure Hunter Man

Oh!! Treasure. It is like Indiana Jones (except not 4) or something, but way more silly. Are you man enough to find all the shiny stuff?

The game file is a normal ZIP archive again. Thank goodness!

Download (Windows)

Stargirl and the Thief from the Exploded Moon

What the hey?! Some guy with non-brand glasses stole Stargirl's Starscooter! Now, we can't tolerate that, can we? Sure, Stargirl is short, flabby and has stumpy legs, but she sure as hell has DETERMINATION! RAWR!

Stargirl has to beat 17 levels so she can finally clobber the snot out of the thief. Let's wish the missus luck, shall we?!

The game file is a normal ZIP archive. Hooray!

Download (Windows)

AGwaK2: Darkside Adventures

No time for vacations when you're the Imp King's Arch-Chancellor, oh no! How about you go on a quest to find the king's girlfriend's lost crown instead? And shoot stars at stuff? And also save the world? And kick some koala butt along the way?

All this can now be experienced right after downloading a 15 MB big file. Wow!

The game file is a 7z SFX archive. Just in case you're wondering.

Oh! By the way. The 1.0b version has a hacky 640x480 fullscreen mode attached to it because your new monitor/graphics card sucks and can't display 320x240 anymore. Don't buy dumb new stuff, silly! It's also almost twice as big - 26 MB! So you better go get yourself some DSL or T3, darling!

Download (Windows) | Download v1.0b (Windows, probably fixes stuff)

Cedric and the Revolution

Follow the adventure of Cedric and Victor as they try to get a demonstration up and running. It's not as easy as it sounds and they end up doing something completely different, but hey, at least they tried, eh?

Download (Windows)

A Game with a Kitty

This is and oldschool platformer designed to play like older SNES/SEGA games.

This is my first game release ever. It was made in two weeks, so it's rather short.

Due to some technical difficulties, the game controls are not customizable. At least until I figure out how to fix this.

(And it seems I never figured it out after all!)

Download (Windows)

Reactor 09

Escaping from a prison is never easy. But doing it with a correctional officer's consent is even harder. Officer Matthew Holmstett is a walking, talking regulation book and has his own set of ideals. Getting him to do what you want won't be an easy task. Don't overdo it, or you may find yourself handcuffed to a radiator very fast. Nobody trusts someone convicted for murder that easily after all...

Attention, players: This game has animated blood and makes use of the f***-word. That means it's for mature audiences only.

Download (Windows) | Download Updated Version (Windows)



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