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2013.11.13: A Boney Night RC 1

Oh! Whoops. I made a new game by accident. I'm really sorry!! It's like all pixely and retro and stuff. Sorry again! (For the pixels. So big and gross, those things. Uh gawd.)

So. This game. It's a medium length point and click adventure like they did them in the 90s. They call these games 'escape the room' games now for some idiotic reason. Thanks for downgrading one of my favourite genres, browser games!

You play, like, a witch. She wants to prevent a zombie apocalypse from happening. She also befriends some big green dude along the way. Also I hate summarizing plots. Oh well! Just go and play the game already, okay!!

Download (Windows) | Download (Android)

Feedback is appreciated! This is still a release candidate. Coz' for reasons. Thanks for playing!!

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