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2019.06.08: Drowning Cross: Freeware Point'n Click Adventure

Hey! I've made a huge mistake! It's this game I just finished working on and put up for download. And now you can also make the terrible mistake of PLAYING it! Internet loser group hug. Let's fail at every aspect of our lifes together! It's more fun that way.

My games are weird and you're weird if you like them! Don't forget.

Ok, here are those files. Unzip and play! They're like 50 MB each.

Drowning Cross for Windows

Drowning Cross for Linux

Drowning Cross for Mac

On Steam:

Idk why you'd play this, but thanks in case you do. Until next time!

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2018.07.10: Updates & More on Twitter

Hi! I'm still working on games, but I've moved updates and so on over to twitter. If you want to see more in-depth gamedev stuff or ask me something, head over to my twitter site @origamihero.

Oh yeah! I'm working on a new Kitty game, and it's gonna be huge and 3d! Look:

I'll still post releases here, tho. There's an updated Treasure Hunter Man 2 version on Steam now (click here), buy it if you wanna support me, alternatively, the old freeware version is still available for download in the games section.

See you around!

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2015.09.24: Treasure Hunter Man 2: Released! (Windows only)

I made another one of these things. You might like it if you're into pixels like I am. Oh those pretty pixels! Screw 3d. Seriously! (Kidding. I actually do a lot of 3d gamedev nowadays, it just hasn't resulted in something finished yet.)

If you thought teenagers are annyoing, then... this game'll certainly reinforce that. Those little jerks and their weird teenage impulses!

Gameplay video:


It's free, too! Again! But feel free to donate all your dollards to me on my page, if you feel like it:

Download (Windows)

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2014.07.07: Unstrong: Released! (Windows)

Game release time!! This was originally going to be AGwaK 3 a long time ago, but now it's... Unstrong!

The game is an exploratory platformer. It's totally scientifically accurate and teaches you about magnets and sticks and robots and stuff. You also get to yell at your dad! Sound good? Ok. Then download and play!

Gameplay video (framerate is weird and stuff is blurry because I don't know much about recording gameplay yet):


It's free, too! As usual.

Download (Windows)

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2014.05.05: AGwaK7: Sky Crashers for Android released

Enough stalling, here's the Android version of A Game with a Kitty 7: Sky Crashers. It'll be on the Play Store shortly if you want to go that route. You can search for 'origamihero' to see all my games on there.

I also signed up to Twitter! My account is here: LINK

Download (Android)

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