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Fact Sheet

Heart Chain Kitty
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origamihero games
location: Austria, Ried
contact: origamihero@gmail.com
twitter: @origamihero

Release Date_________
August 20th 2021

Nintendo Switch

Made in Unity3d

Regular Price_________
$ 9.90

Game Overview

Help Kittey find his parents! They're lost in a dream, but dreaming is what young Kittey does best.

This game is a large 3d platformer featuring surreal and dreamy locations. Kittey's journey takes him do the dreamworld, but also to reality. The problem is, that's where the bad things are. Kittey can't keep on dreaming forever.

o o o

A heart-shaped stranger has arrived on Kitty Island! And he brings news of his lost parents. Of course Kittey has to go on a journey to find them now. Deep below the world, Darkside awaits. And possibly a nightmare or two. But Kittey will be fine - he'll just have to find more of these mysterious hearts. Hearts are love, and love gives us strength.

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●A smooth and shiny voxel world
●A little chubby kitty as a protagonist
●Space hippos!
●Two secret bosses and optional levels & challenges
●A robot mom!
●Little nerds (plural because there's more than one)
●Over 50 levels
●2.5d Levels - hidden 2d levels in a 3d platformer
●Two and a half endings (and one non-ending)
●A very big 3d platform adventure



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More Info

Heart Chain Kitty is a follow-up to my freeware game series 'A Game with a Kitty': See Here

The games is meant to add a little more to the collect-a-thon formula, like an inventory system with usable items and a simple quest overview. HcK also uses a voxel engine with smoothed cubes for environments.

The game's playtime varies from 12-25 hours or more, depending on which of the three endings the player aims for.