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Starlight Alliance
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origamihero games
location: Austria, Ried
contact: origamihero@gmail.com
twitter: @origamihero

Release Date_________
mid or late 2021

Steam (Windows)

Made in Unity3d

Regular Price_________
$ 4.99

Game Overview

Starlight Alliance is an action RPG set in a future version of earth featuring two playable characters and fast shoot & punch combat. Avoid bullets, repel them with the shield system or just, y'know, punch a bot really hard in the face.

Not that fighting is the only thing you'll do. Getting through these forsaken alien cities or the wasteland that is earth might also require some thinking, crafting and exploration.

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Welcome to the future! Everything is automated, recycling is at 99.9% efficiency, and earth is considered to be at its apex. Humans and aliens are living side by side in sky cities far above the inhospitable planet surface. It all could have been perfect. But it was not to last. The systems start to fail, and the drone networks is acting up. Nobody knows why. Two strangers, Lea and Cyris, experience these system failures in two different ways, but it brings them together. They'll uncover dark secrets on earth's surface and find a chance at salvation somewhere out there in the cold darkness that is space.

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  • Colorful graphics with a light toon touch depicting a somewhat dystopian and dark future
  • An original soundtrack with light chiptune touches
  • Two playable characters switchable at any time
  • Fastpaced combat, two styles - shoot or punch! See what works best for the different enemy types
  • Light bullet hell leanings and counterable shots
  • Shooting doesn't require precision thanks to an aim helper - stay mobile without worrying about aiming!
  • Play with arrow keys/WASD and mouse only, or use a gamepad to get a more console-like experience
  • Light puzzles involving different mechanics like item usage, jumping, shooting or warping
  • Many boss battles or special fights
  • Experience and level system
  • Learnable and upgradeable skills
  • Custom stats upgrades
  • Equipment and inventory system
  • Craft new items with materials and get better armor, shields and weapons
  • A simple quest system to keep track of things
  • Side quests
  • Local fast travel
  • Varied and often strange locations on earth and in space
  • Optional more open areas if you like exploring - and there's valuable stuff out there to find!
  • About 15 hours of gameplay









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Starlight Alliance was made in 2020 and early 2021 by solo dev Bernhard Politsch. He previously released many freeware titles like the A Game with a Kitty series, dreamlike platformers with surreal leanings. Making these titles over the years helped him gain experience of all aspects of game development. Starlight Alliance is part of his twin RPG projects - one focussing on fast action (Starlight Alliance), and the other one on turn-based battles and story (still untitled).