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2013.07.24: RSS stuff

I got a request for a RSS feature, so I cobbled something together. I've never made one of these before, but give it a go and let me know if it works for you. Here's the link:

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2013.07.18: Got hacked!

I got hacked. The old blog system was a bit vulnerable. So I made my own blog system again! It's really simple but should do for now.

Since I want to start off with something meaningful, here's a screenshot:

It's a very early screenshot. It's probably gonna look a bit different in the final version. It's gonna be playable on Android and Windows. And maybe Mac, if I'm feeling like it. An iOS release is probably too expensive for now.

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Interesting Suff

origamihero RSS 2.0 feed

Here it is! All RSS, all internet v2.0! Amazing!

Yey! A Site about games made by hobbyists. Nice.

An adventure game engine! Really flexible and easy to use.

Those guys make awesome multi-platform development software!

Some guy who makes pretty cool games!


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